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Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS)

Technology outline:
Central Control and Monitoring System (CCMS) or Building Management System (BMS) is a computer software program, usually configured in a hierarchical manner, to control, monitor and manage all the equipment installed in the building. This equipment can include heating, ventalation, cooling, security, and lighting.

The monitoring facilities of a CCMS allow plant status, environmental conditioning and energy consumption to be monitored and recorded. The data provides the building operator with full pictures of how the equipment is operated. This can often lead to the identification of problems and improvement on plant operation. The trend logging of energy performance can result in greater awareness on energy efficiency.

How it can save energy:
CCMS can improve the overall management and performance of building significantly For example, the program can be designed to start and stop different equipment automatically according to a pre-determined schedule. In a more sophisticated building management system, the CCMS can perform interactive calculations to determine the most efficient operating conditions by taking into account cooling plant layout, the number of series and parallel chillers etc.

How much energy can be saved?
A number of manufacturers claimed that installing CCMS can cut down the electricity bill by about 10% to 20%. It should be noted that the energy saving of using CCMS is affected by the following factors:

a) The condition of the plant equipment;
b) Existing O&M service levels;
c) The skill and knowledge of the O&M team;
d) The operating features of the premises.

Further sources of information:

1. EMSD website, Advance energy saving technologies:
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