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Since 1995, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has been operating a voluntary energy efficiency labelling scheme (the VEELS) for household electrical/gas appliances and office equipment. The VEELS aims to promote energy saving by informing customers of the energy efficiency performance of the products. The VEELS also intends to encourage product suppliers to make available more energy-efficient products to meet customer demand. Please click here for more details.

Types of Labelling

The VEELS for electric appliances and office equipment will be operated in two types of labelling system, namely, Grading and Recognition type. For the 'Grading Type' labelling system, all appliances will be graded to the 5 grades on the basis of energy consumption index (percentage), with Grade 1 being the most energy efficient and Grade 5 the least.

For the 'Recognition Type' labelling system, all participating appliances will be registered provided that they can meet the energy efficiency and performance requirements specified in the scheme. There is no energy efficiency grade assigned to each appliance.