LED Pamphlet

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department has recently published a booklet titled "LED - a kind of Unconventional Lamp". It provides information on the characteristics of Light Emitting Diode and some of its potential energy saving applications. (post date: 11.1.2007)

Bill to require mandatory energy efficiency labelling

The Government will introduce the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Bill to the Legislative Council with a view to encouraging people to use energy efficient products. (post date: 30.3.2007)

Archive Events:

Date Events
08 July 2007 The International Conference on Electrical Engineering 2007
23-27 July 2007 The Certified Energy Manager Programme for Professional Certification
22 August 2007 Technical Talk on " Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies"
23 October 2007  The HKIE (Electrical Division) 25th Annual Symposium on Sustainability and Environmental Challenges in Electrical Engineering 
3- 5 December 2007  

2007 Regional Conference on Sustainable Building and Construction

21 December 2007 

Technical Forum on Sustainable Technologies for Buildings

22 January 2008 

Technical Forum for the Proposed Mandatory Implementation of the Building Energy Codes

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