1. What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency refers to products or systems using less energy to have the same or better performance than conventional products or systems. Energy efficiency saves energy and money. Such saving can be achieved by using technically more advanced equipment to produce the same level of end-use services.

2. What is the benefit of applying energy efficient technologies?

Adopting energy efficient technologies can reduce the amount of energy consumed. Not only does it reduce our resource consumption, it will be beneficial to the environment by reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutant. It can offer social benefits in the form of enhanced energy security (through reduced reliance on fossil fuels).

3. How much energy can be saved by adopting the energy efficiency technologies?

The amount of saving depends on the systems and the technology that adopted. In general, 10% to 50% of energy can be saved by installing the energy efficiency technologies. In addition, even if applying simple good house-keeping practices, such as adjusting the room temperature set point of the A/C system to avoid over-cooling and turning the lighting and A/C off when the space is not occupied, can help saving a substantial amount of energy. Potential saving of individual energy efficient technology can be referred through the following links:

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