Power factor improvement device

Q1) What are the benefits of having a good power factor?
  Having a good power factor can increase your system capacity and reduce power losses. Therefore, less current is required to deliver the same amount of useful energy from the system.
Q2) How can I correct a low power factor?
  An example solution for improving low power factor includes installing capacity banks in the electrical circuit. Please click here to see more details of the capacity bank and other power factor improving technologies.

Harmonic filter

Q1) What are harmonics distortion?
  Harmonics distortion is the change in the waveform of the supply voltage from the ideal sinusoidal waveform. It is caused by the interaction of distorting customer loads with the impedance of the supply network..
Q2) What are the adverse effects bring by harmonics to the power distribution system?
  The presence of harmonics on the power distribution system will definitely reduce the efficiency of the system. Typical problems associated with harmonics include overheating distribution transformers, overloading neutral conductors, distorted supply voltage waveform and inefficient distribution of electrical power etc.
Q3) What types of equipment generate harmonics?
  The use of non-linear loads brings harmonics. Those non-linear loads include computer equipment, VSDs, ACVV/VVVF lift drive systems and electronic ballasts etc. In fact any single or three phase electrical power conversion equipment which converts from AC to DC also generates harmonics.
Q4) How to reduce the harmonic distortion in a power distribution system?
  The harmonic distortion level can be reduced by installing harmonics filter. Details of the application of harmonics filter can be found here.
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